Most people think about visiting a chiropractor when back pain flares up or they’ve suffered an injury, but there are other everyday reasons that can warrant a visit. Personal injury chiropractors deal with more than just severe workplace injuries and can help with a number of ailments. Below are some indicators that a visit to a chiropractor in Garland, TX could benefit your health.

You Have a Chronic Health Condition

Chiropractic care is known to help with a wide range of chronic health conditions, from carpal tunnel to neuropathy to migraines.  All communication in the body relies on the central nervous system, which is controlled by the spine and exosomes. When the spine is out of alignment, it can worsen symptoms and pain. An adjustment from a chiropractor in Garland, TX can help realign your spine after a truck wreck so that the body functions properly, offering a natural approach to botox and pain management.

You Suffer from Frequent Headaches

Headaches can be common for a number of reasons, from staring at a computer all day to sleeping in the wrong position. Often the root cause of headaches is a misalignment in the spine or neck, or even referred pain from a lower back injury. A liraglutidepersonal injury chiropractor will be able to evaluate your spine to determine potential causes and perform a series of alignments to help relieve headache pain.

You Sit All Day

 If you are in school, church, or work at a desk, it’s likely you have some level of back and neck pain, and potentially even shoulder muscle pain. While many people are required to sit at a desk, it can have a negative impact on the body that a chiropractor in Garland, TX can help alleviate. A sedentary job or lifestyle can also lead you to slump and have poor posture, which can lead to long term spinal issues, and chiropractic care can prevent future issues.

You Are an Athlete

Whether you play weekend tennis for fun, like an occasional bike ride, or run marathons regularly, you’ve likely experienced pain as a result of your activity. A personal injury chiropractor in Garland, TX can not only treat injuries after they occur, but also help ready your body for more activity, preventing future injuries and keeping your body in optimal condition for performance.

Whatever brings you to a personal injury chiropractor in Garland, TX, the natural and effective approach at Smiley Chiropractic can have benefits. Contact us today for your first adjustment!