A paper recently published in the Journal of Sleep Medicine & Disorders seems to indicate that patients with insomnia can benefit from a skilled chiropractic adjustment. The paper suggests that a portion of insomnia cases are created by complex chemical interactions in the brain from subluxation. An adjustment from a chiropractor can potentially provide relief from insomnia by addressing the subluxation.

“Successfully treating patients with insomnia may require adjustments to correct the subluxation and interfere with chronic insomnia. Alongside adjustments, other treatments and lifestyle interventions may promote healthy sleep and help your patients heal.”

To be able to properly treat insomnia patients, a doctor should first provide a thorough examination and evaluation to develop the best plan of adjustment. Read more about the use of chiropractic adjustment for insomnia at this source article: http://www.chiroeco.com/help-for-insomnia/82211/