Texas highways can be a dangerous place, especially around the metroplex where there is a lot of highway construction going on. In 2016, According to the Texas DOT (TXDOT) Texas Motor Vehicle Traffic Crash Facts report , 1 person was injured in an auto accident every 1 minutes 59 seconds and 1 reportable auto accident occurred every 57 seconds. The same report showed that 17,582 people sustained a serious injury resulting from an auto accident.

Other, unrelated reports and data have proven over and over again that the most common types of injuries sustained in an auto accident are suffered to the head, neck, and back. So what should you do if you are one of the thousands who have been in an auto accident and suffered and injury? It’s important to get treated by someone who is familiar with these types of injuries suffered in an auto accident.

Smiley Chiropractic has treated thousands of patients who have been hurt in an auto accident and can help you find the relief you need. Call our office today and schedule an appointment to have your injury reviewed and to make sure that you’re getting the right treatment. While nobody expects to get into an auto accident, the fact is that they happen and if it happens to you, Smiley Chiropractic can help you on your road to recovery.