If you’ve ever been in a car accident, whether major or minor, you know that the result is likely some persistent pain. The most common injuries that occur in an auto accident are typically related to the head, neck, and back. While initial treatment may necessitate a visit to a medical doctor, you might find that ongoing treatment is better provided by a chiropractor.

Too many individuals think about chiropractors as glorified masseuses or worse, snake oil salesmen selling some unnecessary service to gouge people to make a buck. However, patients and potential patients need to understand the fact that chiropractors are specifically trained to treat neck and back injuries and soft tissues related to these areas. Additionally, chiropractors are able to provide x-rays and perform examinations that allow them to individualize the specific treatments for their patients.

The nature of chiropractic treatment seeks to bring healing to the root cause of the physical problem. By treating the source of the pain, chiropractors offer treatments that can help those who suffer with pain related to auto accidents.

If you suffer from pain related to an auto accident, Smiley Chiropractic can provide you with a thorough examination and effective treatments that can give you the relief you seek from the pain you’re experiencing.