The shoulder has been referred to as the most flexible joint in a person’s body. But along with the flexibility comes reduced stability. The wide range of motion in the shoulder makes it more susceptible to stress. Because of this, shoulder injuries are quite common among manual laborers,athletes, and others. In fact, studies show that the shoulder sustains more injuries than other parts of the body.

Shoulders have been historically difficult to treat because of its excessive use on any given day. However, a skilled chiropractor can help bring pain relief and expedited healing to an injured shoulder. This can help the injured person return to normal activities and improve their range of motion.

Different chiropractic techniques can be used based on the circumstances and extent of the injured shoulder. In some cases, ischemic compression could be used. Many patients tolerate this well and actually prefer chiropractic care for shoulder injuries because it is non-invasive, safe, and effective.

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