FORBES – Several associations are now advocating for nonpharmacologic methods of paid management in an effort to better address the nation’s current opioid epidemic. Many new campaigns have been launched to inform the general public of alternatives to prescriptions painkillers. Chiropractic care seems to be leading the way as an alternative to opioid use.

Last year, alone, the nation saw almost 20,000 deaths that were related to opioid use and/or abuse. The increase in opioid-related deaths is a startling 16% since 2013

“The opioid epidemic may now be front and center as a healthcare priority in this country, but it’s far from over… While efforts are being made to curb opioid prescriptions and develop less addictive drugs, the public needs to be reminded that there are drug-free approaches such as chiropractic that, if tried first, may alleviate their pain and lessen or even eliminate the need for over-the-counter and prescription pain medications.”

The American Chiropractic Association just announced a brand new campaign that hopes to curb the overuse and abuse of opioids in America. Patients and concerned citizens can show support for the initiative by making use of the hashtag #chiropractic1st in online posts and social media profiles. Doing so will raise awareness and help the general public understand that there are non-drug approaches to pain management that are safe and effective.

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