No one wants to live with chronic pain. The constant discomfort can ruin any situation and make simple activities almost unbearable. On the flipside, most people simply do not want to live with the constant presence of painkillers that have all kinds of side effects and a high probability of addiction.

In an effort to combat the rising numbers of opioid addicts, the doctors at the America Chiropractic Association is undertaking an initiative called #Chiropractic1st. The goal of the initiative is promote medication-free treatments of chronic pain by utilizing the skills of a chiropractor. A recent statement made by the ACA said, “While efforts are being made to curb opioid prescriptions and develop less addictive drugs, the public needs to be reminded that there are drug-free approaches such as chiropractic that, if tried first, may alleviate their pain and lessen or even eliminate the need for over-the-counter and prescription pain medications.”

One of the problems that many chiropractors are facing is the myth that chiropractic care is not covered by insurance. However, one recent study published by the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress found that 87% of all insured American employees are covered for chiropractic care.

Maybe your are a sufferer of chronic pain or you have been in some type of accident and your primary care physician has prescribed you powerful painkillers that you don’t want to take. Talk to your insurance provider about whether or not chiropractic care for pain management is an option for you. You may be glad you did.