Sciatica can be a source of discomfort and out right pain. When their sciatic nerve is pinched or otherwise irritated, most people experience pain that runs from their lower back down through their leg. This pain, called sciatica, can be caused by several different factors. Listed below is a brief overview of some of the contributing factors:

  • Age – As our bodies get older, shift, and change, the chances of sciatica increase
  • Obesity – Extra weight can cause undue pressure on the lower back and lead to sciatic pain
  • Occupation – Certain occupational responsibilities can place too much stress on the lower back and cause sciatica
  • Prolonged Sitting – A very sedentary lifestyle is unhealthy for the lower back and can lead to a pinched sciatic nerve
  • Diabetes – Those with diabetes are also prone to experiencing sciatica

Are you experiencing a pain that runs from your lower back down to your upper legs? Sciatica may be the culprit. Besides pain, there are a few additional symptoms of sciatica. These include:

  • Numbness – A loss of feeling in the back and lower extremities
  • Tingling – A pins and needle or mild tingling sensation
  • Muscle Weakness – A noticeable loss of strength

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