When we are experiencing pain, be it chronic, or seemingly related to a specific incident, we don’t tend to think of the clothing choices we make as possible culprits causing the pain we feel. It just seems nonsensical that the root cause of something so debilitating and frustrating could be something as inconsequential as the clothing and accessories we put on our bodies. Over the years, our team has noticed a correlation between common trends and typical complaints of pain. Consult the best chiropractors in Garland, TX to hear more about how your pain can be managed with simple lifestyle changes.

Heavy Clothing and Accessories

When the weather is rainy or cold, we often find ourselves donning that familiar heavy coat for warmth or taking refuge from the rain underneath a crazy water-resistant jacket. These weighty garments can cause stress to the neck and shoulder areas. What’s more, they can cause your body to attempt to compensate for the added pressure by misaligning, which can cause pain and discomfort. The same types of concerns can exist with heavy jewelry worn around the neck. Even the season’s most noteworthy oversized purses can have detrimental effects on the spine health and balance of an individual. Weight on one shoulder as occurs with these bags can cause the other side of the lower back to compensate for the discomfort.

Pretty (Impractical) Shoes

Many of the fashionable shoe choices of the day represent horrendous choices for your feet, ankles, and by extension, your spinal health. High heels cause the foot and ankle to angle improperly and disproportionately distribute the entire weight of the wearer’s body to one portion of the foot. This awkward placement of the foot can cause damage to nerves and pain to the lower back after just a short time of wearing them. Shoes without heel straps are equally disastrous for the normal functions of the foot. They deprive the foot of the stability and balance assistance it usually enjoys from regular shoes. Imbalance accounts for many types of back and spinal pain in many individuals.

Tight or Skinny Jeans

This is one of the least known hindrances to overall spine health when it comes to fashion choices. Wearing pants that restrict the leg and hip areas from normal movement can have a painful effect on the way our body’s posture changes to accommodate the restrictions it detects. Try to avoid these extremely tight pant choices on a regular basis if you want to prevent overall pain.

If you have seen the negative effects of any of these clothing choices on your body’s pain level, contact the best chiropractors in Garland, TX over at Smiley Chiropractic. We can realign your spine and reduce your complaints of pain!