Though whiplash is most commonly heard of when it comes to litigation, it truly is a serious condition that can lead to the need for ongoing medical care. The word itself came about in 1928, replacing “railway spine” as people began using automobiles rather than trains.

Whiplash Defined

This term is used to describe a condition that occurs usually as a result of an auto accident. The victim may not even initially feel it because of shock, but it ultimately results in the lack of ability for the neck to properly support the head. The neck area of the spine ends up being jarred into a sort of “S” shape so that the neck has difficulty supporting itself and the head. Eventually, the patient must seek help from an auto injury chiropractor.

Injury and Associated Disorders

An injury occurs as a result of an abrupt action, while associated disorders are chronic conditions that exist as the result of an injury. Whiplash can happens in both areas. For an injury, rest and short term treatments usually help, but chronic conditions can be complex and can even lead to isolation and depression.

Treatment Methods

This medical condition can be treated by an auto injury chiropractor that can help put the vertebrates back where they belong. However, they don’t always fall into place as they should and there may be surrounding damage as a result. The treatment for the surrounding areas depends on the specific areas in question. There may be nerve damage, muscle damage, and more. This can all lead to pain in the arm, jaw, and other areas you might not expect. When it comes to medical issues like whiplash, it’s best to see a professional who has experience in the field. If you or someone you love has been involved in an accident or has some other reason to think they have whiplash, contact Smiley Chiropractic today to schedule an evaluation. The longer you leave the issue untreated, the worse it is likely to get.