A Brief History of Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care has a fascinating history, with roots stretching back centuries and a modern founding in the late 1800s:

Ancient Origins: Evidence of spinal manipulation for health purposes dates back to 2700 BC in China and 1500 BC in Greece, showing it’s a practice with a very long history.

Modern Chiropractic: The formal chiropractic profession is credited to Daniel David Palmer (D.D. Palmer) in 1895. He performed the first chiropractic adjustment in Iowa and believed spinal misalignments could affect overall health.

The Palmer Legacy: D.D. Palmer’s son, B.J. Palmer, is another key figure. He helped develop chiropractic as a profession, including the name “chiropractic” itself (derived from Greek words for “hand” and “done”).

Growth and Controversy: The 20th century saw chiropractic grow in popularity, but also face resistance from the medical establishment. Chiropractic schools increased, and the profession continues to evolve with ongoing research and debate about its effectiveness for certain conditions.